For Farmers

Paterson Grain is fully committed to working alongside Canadian grain farmers to ensure the production of the best quality crops. We invite all Canadian grain farmers to explore Paterson Grain’s vast and expanding product lines and services.

Grain Marketing

We are global providers for the best in conventional, organic and Identity Preserved commodities.

Pricing Options

We offer production contracts for both conventional and organic grains, all certified by the Canadian Grain Commission. To find out more about our pricing options, click here.

Growers of IP crops enjoy the support and guidance of our crop specialists and the guaranteed purchase by our end-user customers. To find out more about our IP programs, click here.


Crop Reports will provide you with up-to-date information from local, Provincial and Federal entities. Grading Standards will provide you with important links to the Canadian Grain Commission’s official grain grading guide.

Our Conversion Calculator is useful for making quick conversions of Area, Length and Weight. Click here to open the calculator.

% %
Wheat/Durum 14.6-17.0 >17.0
Oats 13.6-17.0 >17.0
Barley 14.9-17.0 >17.0
Rye 14.1-17.0 >17.0
Flax 10.1-13.5 >13.5
Canola 10.1-12.5 >12.5
Mustard 9.6-12.5 >12.5
Peas 16.1-18.0 >18.0
Wheat/Durum 36.744
Oats 64.842
Barley 45.93
Rye 39.368
Flax 39.368
Canola 44.092
Mustard 44.092
Peas 36.744

Crop Inputs

Your Profit Plan

The Business Planning team here at Paterson Grain is dedicated to maximizing your profits. Our Farm Business Representatives will customize and develop individual farm business plans to meet the needs of your operation. To find out more about your Paterson Profit Plan, click here.

Your Crop Nutrition

At Paterson we view nutrition in a holistic sense: soil chemistry is the foundation, the health of the plant is the result but your farm’s success is our ultimate measure. With every fertilizer discussion we aim to understand the soil you’re working with and how you operate your farm so that we can be confident we’re making the best possible recommendation for your business. To find out more about our soil nutrition options, click here.

Your Seed

We have a full line of seed products to meet your cropping demands. In addition to supplying the seed, we offer the seed treatments and inoculants that will enable your crops to develop to their full potential. To find out more about our seed products, click here.

Your Crop Protection

We have a full line of crop protection chemical products to meet your crop’s needs. From burn down to in-season protection we have got your crop covered. Work with our Agronomists today! To find out more about our crop protection products, click here.

Seed Products Manager

  • Certified Seed
  • Inoculants
  • Seed Treatments

Crop Services Manager

  • Custom Application
  • Agronomy
  • Soil Sampling

Crop Nutrition Manager

  • Dry & Liquid Fertilizers
  • Anhydrous Ammonia

Crop Protection Manager

  • Herbicide
  • Fungicide
  • Insecticide

Credit Manager

  • Grower Credit Applications

Crop Input Retail Locations

There are many variables and risk factors in producing a profitable crop. From new enhanced seed traits designed to enhance yield and or quality to global market impacts. At Paterson Grain, we work with producers to Plan their Production and the Marketing of their crop to maximize their profit.

Starting with a fall soil test which will give us an indication of crop nutritional needs followed by a crop production budget comparison allows producers to review and compare potential returns. Optimized yield plans and the development of a sound marketing plan helps us work towards meeting or exceeding profit per acre targets. Knowing your costs, both variable and fixed is the key to sound marketing and risk management decisions. Having a budgeted profit also allows for improved decision making when pricing your crop and often can remove the emotion out of the decision to sell or wait for higher prices.

Do you want to learn more about the Paterson Planning Advantage? Contact any of our Crop Input personnel to help you set up your Crop Production Business Plan today. Let the Paterson Planning Advantage work for you.

Financial Services

We know the challenges of managing finances for crop production. To help make things easier for our customers we developed Paterson Financial with the features that matter most.


We know the challenges of managing finances for crop production. To help make things easier for our customers we developed Paterson Financial with the features that matter most.

  • 30-60 days short-term interest free financing.  Invoices (O.A.C) are due end of month following the month of invoice.
  • flexibility for longer term financing at competitive rates
  • allowances for fall purchases to the next crop year.

Our credit line offerings have the flexibility to meet your planning and cash flow requirements:

  • Spring purchases can be made and are interest free until the last day of the month following the month of purchase, allowing you to pay some or all of your account at that time.
  • Our Gold Credit Line (O.A.C) provides you with financing terms to November 30th with a competitive interest rate calculated monthly.
  • Our Platinum Credit Line (O.A.C)  provides improved financing terms for customers in excess of $250,000 with terms to March 31st of the following year at a competitive interest rate calculated monthly.
  • The Paterson Financial Fall Purchase credit offering (O.A.C)  is designed to allow customers to use the right products at the right time in their planning cycle and are due November 30th  of the following year.


Prepaid Cash is an attractive option for those with the necessary resources. By pre-paying next year’s crop inputs before December 31, you can capture opportunities to lock-in favourable pricing for the coming year. Additionally, Prepaid Cash can have tax planning benefits by putting next year’s purchases on the current year’s balance sheet.


The prepay loan works just like Prepaid Cash to secure product and price on any cash sales.  The only difference is that it uses the Paterson Financial Credit line to finance the purchase.


The deposit on account is a great option for customers who would like to have unallocated funds attract a favourable interest rate for future crop input purchases.