Your Crop Nutrition

Soil & Tissue Testing

Soil and tissue testing are the basis for developing a balanced approach to crop nutrition. Today it is more important than ever to have a balanced crop nutrition plan. Soil sampling and testing is the starting point for any general fertility program and is one of the most cost effective tools to make informed decisions on crop nutrition. For those customers wanting to manage crop nutrition at a higher level, we also offer tissue sampling and testing to monitor and adjust plant nutrition on the go after emergence, once yield potential can be better established. Our trained agronomists will use precise sampling techniques so you can be assured you are getting the most accurate information and the best fertilizer recommendation.

Application Services

Paterson Grain offers a broad range of application services from product delivery to equipment rentals of spreaders and ammonia wagons to custom application of dry and liquid fertilizer and high clearance custom application. If Paterson Grain does not have the services directly, we will be happy to contract these services through any of our service partners.

Crop Nutrition

Our Mission: help our customers increase profits through reliable agronomy and planning.

At Paterson we view nutrition in a holistic sense: soil chemistry is the foundation, the health of the plant is the result but your farm’s success is our ultimate measure. With every fertilizer discussion we aim to understand the soil you’re working with and how you operate your farm so that we can be confident we’re making the best possible recommendation for your business.

Innovative Products

We are committed to supporting the advance of agriculture by seeking out the products that represent the next frontier in production. Some of our newest focus areas are: