From Seed to Finished Product

Paterson Grain is a division of Paterson GlobalFoods Inc., a family-owned group of companies with clients and ongoing ventures in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. With the base of operations located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we operate approximately 40 sites across the Canadian prairies, including nine high-throughput inland export terminals.

Founded in 1908 by the great Canadian entrepreneur Senator Norman M. Paterson, the Paterson brand has become a guarantee of integrity, quality and an exceptional customer first attitude.

Paterson Grain outperforms its competitors by maintaining an incomparable reputation and integrating itself into every facet of the grain industry. Paterson Grain is involved in seed sales, crop inputs, financial services to farmers, grain handling, grain exports, and through its sibling companies, transportation, milling, and consumer food products. This strategy of vertical integration delivers a wide variety of benefits to the customer ranging from advantageous pricing to one-stop accountability to superb quality control. 

The grain industry experiences constant and often unpredictable shifts in global markets, and Paterson Grain has maintained its place at the forefront of the industry with an ongoing policy of high quality and bold innovation – constantly making the most of new opportunities to excel, and thereby delivering the best possible service, prices and quality to the customer.