Students and Recent Grads

Paterson Grain’s culture is very distinctive. Our employees enjoy the benefits of working for an agriculture industry leader while preserving a sense of family that is generally saved for smaller businesses. We are a group of passionate and bright individuals who have a desire for never halting innovative progress.

At Paterson Grain, you will have the benefit of being an individual while collaborating with people at all levels within the organization and the opportunity for a direct effect on the company. An environment of cooperation and solidarity balances this professional openness. Paterson Grain is an organization where you arrive to work ready to think, innovate, and make things happen.

The continuous evolution of our company is absolutely associated to the abilities, pursuits, enjoyment, and skills of our employees, and how well everyone at Paterson Grain works as a team. By operating as a team, Paterson Grain strives to ensure that all employees’ jobs are a source of individual gratification in terms of accountability, and opportunities for personal development and advancement. Paterson Grain employees come to share the great respect we have in our organization, our products and our accomplishments.