Your Crop Protection

Optimize your farm business

Paterson Grain Crop Input locations are your source for your crop protection needs. Paterson Grain works with each producer with the understanding that each producer has different crop protection needs, from a simple application plan to a complete field overhaul.

Paterson Grain has establish strong and viable relationships with suppliers to give our growers options when selecting crop protection to manage weeds, insects and diseases in field crops.  Working with a Paterson Grain Crop Production Specialist to sort out those options, will give you the grower, the best optimization for your crops quantity and quality.

Utilizing all the major brands of crop production products, Paterson Grain employees are continuously learning of the latest developments in crop production products.  By doing this Paterson Grain employees give you the grower, the advantage of having a crop production specialist on your farm business team.

Contact your local Paterson grain Crop Production Specialist today.