Growers of IP crops enjoy the support and guidance of our crop specialists and the guaranteed purchase by our end-user customers.


Identity Preserved (IP) grain should not be confused with genetically modified (GM) grain. In fact, the ongoing international debate about genetically modified crops has stimulated the demand for IP grain. In many countries, millers and consumers choose IP grain as a guarantee of purity and quality, and a growing number of farmers across North America are turning to IP grain production as a way of commanding higher prices for their crops.

Identity Preserved crops are handled more carefully than commodity grains, and they are produced with a chain of custody that is documented from beginning to end. Farmers must ensure that their fields aren’t contaminated with the previous year’s crop, and measures must be taken to ensure that IP crops aren’t compromised by wind-blown seed from neighbouring fields. Trucks, farm equipment and granaries must also be cleaned to make sure the IP crop isn’t spoiled by the remnants of another harvest.

Paterson Grain makes contracts with farmers to grow IP grains to precise specifications. Paterson Grain administers the contracts, offers crop consultation services, and safeguards the integrity of the crop through the grain handling system. We also ship the grain directly to the buyer’s port of destination or processing plant. In turn, the grower receives a premium payment.


Paterson Grain is responsible for developing Canada’s first Non-GMO Soybean Program. This is a complete, audited Identity Preserved program which guarantees our end-user buyers and processors the Non-GMO status of soybeans. In return for producing this variety of soybean, growers receive a higher price for their crop.