There are many variables and risk factors in producing a profitable crop. From new enhanced seed traits designed to enhance yield and or quality to global market impacts. At Paterson Grain, we work with producers to Plan their Production and the Marketing of their crop to maximize their profit.

Starting with a fall soil test which will give us an indication of crop nutritional needs followed by a crop production budget comparison allows producers to review and compare potential returns. Optimized yield plans and the development of a sound marketing plan helps us work towards meeting or exceeding profit per acre targets. Knowing your costs, both variable and fixed is the key to sound marketing and risk management decisions. Having a budgeted profit also allows for improved decision making when pricing your crop and often can remove the emotion out of the decision to sell or wait for higher prices.

Do you want to learn more about the Paterson Planning Advantage? Contact any of our Crop Input personnel to help you set up your Crop Production Business Plan today. Let the Paterson Planning Advantage work for you.