Your Profit Plan

The Business Planning team here at Paterson Grain is dedicated to maximizing your profits. Our Farm Business Representatives will customize and develop individual farm business plans to meet the needs of your operation. To find out more about your Paterson Profit Plan, click here.

Your Crop Nutrition

At Paterson we view nutrition in a holistic sense: soil chemistry is the foundation, the health of the plant is the result but your farm’s success is our ultimate measure. With every fertilizer discussion we aim to understand the soil you’re working with and how you operate your farm so that we can be confident we’re making the best possible recommendation for your business. To find out more about our soil nutrition options, click here.

Your Seed

We have a full line of seed products to meet your cropping demands. In addition to supplying the seed, we offer the seed treatments and inoculates that will enable your crops to develop to their full potential. To find out more about our seed products, click here.

Your Crop Protection

We have a full line of crop protection chemical products to meet your crop’s needs. From burn down to in-season protection we have got your crop covered. Work with our Agronomists today! To find out more about our crop protection products, click here.