Truck, Rail & Vessel

Over a century of experience gives us the expertise to manage the logistics for moving your product efficiently by truck, rail and vessel to your port of destination.

Our partnership with TruckFreight International ensures our access to reliable transportation to and from our terminal network. TruckFreight is an ISO 22000:2005 certified service provider and further enhances our product quality promise.

East, West, South – We’ve got it covered

Paterson Grain operates a network of more than 40 grain elevators spanning the Western Canadian prairies. It is through these facilities that we source, handle and distribute our high quality conventional, organic and Identity Preserved products.

The backbone for our grain handling system is a group of nine inland terminals. Paterson Grain is credited with the evolution of the prairie elevator into today’s modern inland terminal capable of cleaning grain shipments to export standards.

Product Integrity: ISO 22000: 2005

All of our inland terminals are ISO 22000:2005 compliant and products handled through them receive the special handling and accountability required by the ISO 22000 specification for food safety management. That’s a claim our competitors can’t make.

These interior handling facilities supply our port terminal facilities for export around the world.


Paterson Grain is a major shareholder in the Alliance Grain Terminal at the Port of Vancouver. Our facilities in Vancouver serve as our primary gateway to the Asia-Pacific.

Thunder Bay & St. Lawrence Seaway

Our shipping agreements in Thunder Bay, Ontario and on the St. Lawrence Seaway support the European, U.S., and eastern Canadian markets.

U.S. Gulf, Mexico & Pacific Northwest

We have excellent rail access to the U.S. gulf coast, the pacific northwest, Mississippi River ports, the Great Lakes, and gulf of Mexico.