The people of Paterson Grain (PG) come to work each day with energy, an eagerness to learn and a dedication to the agriculture and food industries in Canada.

We remain a group that adjusts quickly and frequently to shifting in industry demands, exercising our talent for innovation to create, develop and apply products that advance all areas of the agriculture and food industries As Paterson Grain employees, we are equipped and organized to meet all the changes and challenges directly and we know that efficiency and attention to detail is fundamental to fulfilling all of our customers’ needs.

Paterson Grain takes pride in its plentiful, 106-year history. We continue to be passionate about evolving the agriculture industry within Canada and abroad, along with supporting diversity, aiming to provide incomparable execution and earning the trust of the customers we serve.

We invite you to explore employment opportunities at Paterson Grain, to see if your gifts and professional ambitions, fit with our “PG Opportunities”.

Paterson Grain’s commitment to quality is demonstrated in all aspects of its operations including its people. Here is what people at Paterson Grain enjoy the most about working with Paterson.

“Working in an environment that recognizes individual talent while fostering a team-based approach is rewarding and encouraging.”

“At Paterson Grain we always do what it takes to look after our customers. This allows us to be creative and makes our jobs exciting.”

“I chose to work at Paterson Grain for the challenge and opportunity to be part of a leading team in the global grain industry.”

“The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that my work makes a difference to producers, customers and consumers across the world.”

“The best part of working at Paterson Grain is that each day brings a new challenge and with each challenge I have the opportunity to succeed.”