Paterson Grain’s FlaxPure whole flaxseed, ¬†has passed an unprecedented selection process. This process ensures uniform color, exceptional flavour, and a high concentration of Omega-3 fatty acids that has brought Canadian grown flaxseed the attention it deserves. ¬†Paterson Grain’s Flax Plant is ISO 22000 compliant and HAACP certified and has the largest cleaning capacity of its kind in Western Canada, and no order is too large to fill.

Nutritionally rich flaxseed ingredients for:

  • Pet Foods
  • Equine Market
  • Poultry Market
  • Hog Market



FlaxPure 99.5% & FlaxPure 98%

The highest quality whole flaxseed provides an excellent source of omega-3 essential fats. Our cleaning process ensures plump, well-matured seeds providing superior flavour and uniform color. The whole seed is available in two purity levels providing all the nutritional benefits of flax in an animal diet:

FlaxPure 99.5%

Superior whole flaxseed at a 99.5% purity level

FlaxPure 98%

High quality whole flaxseed at a 98% purity level

FlaxPure Whole Flax Seed Specs

FlaxPure Milled

FlaxPure Milled is a superior milled flaxseed. It is a ready to use with no need to process. FlaxPure Milled has been carefully milled from FlaxPure 99.5% selected seeds to ensure maximum absorption of the nutrients.

All FlaxPure products are beneficial for:

  • Healthy coats & hooves
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis
  • Strengthening immune systems
  • Clearing skin conditions, such as dandruff
  • Silky, shiny fur
  • Decreasing nervousness in horses
  • Increasing omega-3 levels in eggs & pork
  • Larger healthier piglets when fed to breeding sows

FlaxPure Milled Specs