Into the Future

Andrew B. Paterson

Andrew B. Paterson

In 2001, Senator Paterson’s grandson, Andrew B. Paterson took over leadership of the family firm. During his younger years, as he learned the ropes at the grain division, Andrew saw many competitors disappear, swallowed up by large, multi-national companies operating on very high volumes and low margins. As CEO of the company Andrew resolved to take a different approach and differentiate his company from the competition.

Andrew’s vision focuses on the commodity that has always been the lifeblood of the company — grain. Since the bulk of Canada’s grain was now flowing west to Vancouver, Andrew sold the shipping division to Canada Steamship Lines in 2002. This move allowed him to grow the company into a highly integrated conglomerate centred around the production, storage, transportation, refinement and sale of grain.

These subsdiaries are numerous and diversified. One of them, Growers International Organic Sales, participates in the enormous boom in the organic food industry by engaging local growers to develop organic produce, and provides assistance during the transition from conventional to organic farming. Another company, NutraSun Foods Ltd., in Regina, produces organic and conventional flour for sale to health conscious shoppers in Canadian supermarkets.

The Paterson conglomerate also branched out into animal nutrition with the opening of theFeedMax mill in Killarney, Manitoba. The mill produces conventional and certified organic animal feed and is one of the largest feed mills in Western Canada. In 2002, the firm also established a presence in Australia with Global Grain Australia (GGA), the country’s largest exporter of organic and specialty oilseeds. In 2007 Paterson Grain worked with five other independent grain companies to acquire what is now known as the Alliance Grain Terminal in the port of Vancouver. This acquisition gave the company access to foreign export markets without having to go through a competitor’s facilities.

In 2005, the company’s name was changed to Paterson GlobalFoods Inc. to reflect its bold new international presence. With producers and clients on virtually every continent, Paterson GlobalFoods is now truly a world-wide conglomerate. Andrew’s father, Donald S. Paterson, DFC, passed away on May 24, 2006. After running the grain division for so many years, and serving as the company’s Honorary Chairman after he retired, Donald is sorely missed. But Andrew has proven to be an energetic and decisive CEO, and under his leadership Paterson GlobalFoods, has achieved the remarkable honour of being named one of Canada’s “50 Best Managed Companies” in every year since 2004.

So now the company has come full circle. Founded a century ago by a hard-working and forward-thinking young man named Norman Paterson, it is now once again in the hands of an energetic young Paterson, one who reminds many people of his grandfather. The future will bring more challenges and change for Paterson GlobalFoods. But with a century of successful growth behind him, Andrew Paterson still takes pride in running the family business by the values, vision and passion of his grandfather, Norman McLeod Paterson.

Our Inland Terminals

  • Winnipeg North, Manitoba
  • Morris, Manitoba
  • Killarney, Manitoba
  • Binscarth, Manitoba
  • Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
  • Indian Head, Saskatchewan
  • Swift Current, Saskatchewan
  • Dunmore, Alberta
  • Gleichen, Alberta

Our Port Terminal

  • Alliance Grain Terminal – Vancouver BC Port

Processing Facilities

  • FeedMax – Killarney, Manitoba
  • Indian Head Pulse Cleaning Plant – Indian Head, Saskatchewan
  • NutraSun Flour Mill – Regina, Saskatchewan